Authorizing Matters- Good to Govern: Evaluating the Capacity of Charter School Founding Boards

by Marci Cornell Feist, National Association of charter School Authorizers, 2007 Much of the ultimate success of a charter school hinges on the board's ability to govern effectively. It can be argued that no other factor is more important to the health and sustainability of a charter school than its board. This brief offers insight into the evaluative criteria used by authorizers when analyzing a founding board's effectiveness. Four key, board competencies that enable charter school success are outlined and explained.

Measuring Teacher and leader performance. Cross-sector lessons for excellent evaluations

Report summarizes six steps that research and experience from across sectors--including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit companies--show are critical for designing and outstanding performance measurement system.

A Framework for Academic Quality: A Report From the National Consensus Panel on Charter School Academic Quality

by The National Consensus Panel, Charter School Quality Consortium, June 2008

The charter school idea is based on a simple, compelling bargain: greater autonomy in exchange for greater accountability for student achievement. This report describes a "common core" of academic quality indicators, measures, metrics and benchmark comparisons to be used by charters nationwide that will enable charter school leaders to fulfill the promise of the charter movement and maximize its success.

Paging Principal Skinner: Evaluating School Leaders

Andrew J. Rotherman
Principal-evaluation methods vary widely - from observations to more formal assessments involving input from teachers - but are frequently not meaningful in terms of consequences.

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