Grant Proposal Writing Short Course

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center introduces the mechanisms driving a strong grant proposal. The recommended process is flexible and therefore, useful for charter schools. The guide also provides sample materials for grant applicants to

Nonprofit Works - Master Grant Application Outline

NonProfit Works

This resource template provides a general overview of what virtually every grant application requires of applicants. This is a useful tool for independent charter school developers and leaders.

Charter Schools: Education Could Do More to Assist Charter Schools with Applying for Discretionary Grants

The General Accounting Office, December 2010

The General Accounting Office (GAO), reports that too few charter schools apply for discretionary funds despite eligibility. Charter school leaders cite a lack of resources, including staff and time, and general awareness as the major reasons why they did not pursue grants. Please note that the list of grants in the article is not current. Instead, reference the up-to-date list of available Discretionary Grant Packages and the ED grants forecast page which can help identify competitions that may open soon.

Grant making at ED: Answers your Questions about the Discretionary Grants Process

U.S. Department of Education, 2010

The Department of Education offers a guide for those seeking out discretionary grants. The guide describes the administration process by the Department of Education, and the application process for grant-seekers. The guide also offers a helpful glossary and links to grant related resources.

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