All About Strategic Planning

Carter McNamara, Free Management Library

Understanding strategic planning is vital to independent charter school sustainability. In this detailed and comprehensive guide, the author shares recommendations, provides sample templates, and helpful links for building a solid strategic plan.

10 Keys to Successful Strategic Planning

Richard A. Mittenthal TCC Group, 2002

Developing a strategic plan can help independent charter schools anticipate and respond to changes whether funding, management, or stakeholder related. In addition, strategic planning ensures long-term sustainability for independent charter schools. This brief highlights the components of a strong, successful strategic plan.

Alternatives to Strategic Planning

Jan Masaoka
It is important for non-profits, such as independent charter schools, to have choices when making organizational decisions. Strategic planning is the most common organizational change process, but this author advocates for using alternative processes. The author offers a variety of tips for strengthening organizational processes that may be advantageous for independent charter schools.

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