A Framework for Operational Quality: A Report from the National Consensus Panel on Charter School Operational Quality

The National Consensus Panel, Charter School Quality Consortium, May 2009

This guide is designed for charter school leaders as they establish schools that are prepared to achieve and sustain success. It recommends that leaders adopt a specific series of essential indicators, measures, metrics and targets for their operations. Specifically, the framework highlights the importance of financial performance and sustainability, board performance and stewardship, and parent and community engagement in relation to successful charter operations.

Supporting New Charter School Development Playbook

by Naomi R. DeVeaux and Cynthia S. Millinger, National Alliance of Public Charter Schools, 2009</I>

One of the most important lessons learned from the nearly twenty-year history of the charter movement is that quality must be emphasized from the very beginning. This playbook is intended as a guide through the important process of cultivating quality charter leaders and nurturing charter applications from conception of the school mission through sustainable operation. Templates and tools for development and evaluation of school quality are included throughout.

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