Audit Reference Guide

Charter Schools Institute State University of New York, 2007

This guide aims to help independent charter school officials and board members understand the basic requirements of the audit. This information may be useful for the independent auditor or prospective auditor. Please note that this guide is for New York State; however, there are commonalities with required financial documentation for charter schools in many other states

Sample request-for-proposals (RFP) letter template for distribution to audit firms

Fiscal Management Associates

Independent charter schools encountering their first audit or may be ready to "re-bid" their audit services, may find this template to be helpful.

Outsource your Bookkeeping

Steve Zimmerman
This blog post suggests that some non-profits may find it beneficial to outsource their bookkeeping duties. Hiring a competent bookkeeper is essential for independent charter schools; therefore, it may behoove some school leaders to think about outsourcing this role. The blog discusses the pros and cons of using an accounting firm versus a sole practitioner as well as when it is appropriate to outsource the bookkeeping.

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