Corporations, Chambers and Charters: How Businesses Can Support High-Quality Charter Schools

adapted from Dana Brinson by Julie Kowal, Bryan Hassel, Jacob Rosch, and Sarah Crittenden, Instituted for a Competitive Workforce and The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, October 2008</I>

At a time when many students are not graduating from high school prepared for postsecondary education and work, two-thirds of new jobs require advanced training or a college education. Charter schools strike many business leaders as one of the most effective ways to support education and their future workforce. This guide provides specific advice to charter leaders interested in cultivating supportive relationships with business leaders, donors, and local chambers of commerce.

The Answer Key: How to Plan, Develop, and Finance Your Charter School Facility

by Amy Anderson, Anne Geggie, Charity Sack, David Nolan, Donna Creedon, Hunter Moss, Robert Ramirez, National Cooperative Bank Development Corporation, October 2008

Of all the challenges facing charter schools, perhaps none is more daunting than finding a suitable home. In many parts of the country, affordable space is hard to come by and regulations difficult to follow. This manual was created to help charter school operators navigate the development of a charter school facilities project. The technical guide offers step-by-step assistance in planning, evaluating, and implementing virtually every aspect of a facilities project. Chapters are organized according to each stage of the development process, from early project concept and feasibility, to final construction, closeout, and occupancy.

USDA Rural Development: Community Facilities Grants

The USDA Rural Development provides loans, grants, and guarantees for facilities including charter schools. As of 2010, the program has provided loans, guarantees and grants totaling approximately $197.4 million for charter school projects in 13 states.

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