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CEI-PEA is the lead organization for the Network of Independent Charter Schools. CEI-PEA is a New York-based nonprofit organization that creates successful public schools and educational programs. The organization has been deeply involved with charter schools since the mid-1990s when its leaders advocated passage for charter legislation. Since that time, CEI-PEA has helped develop more than 40 charter schools, established the first Charter School Technical Assistance Center in the state, launched the Charter School Coalition to bring together New York City's charter schools to address common issues and needs, and created the Partnership for Innovation in Compensation for Charter Schools (PICCS) initiative. For more information visit


Harvey Newman

CEI-PEA Senior Fellow, Creator of the Charter School Technical Assistance Center and Co-Director of the Network of Independent Charter Schools, discusses the origins of CEI-PEA

Harvey Newman

Senior Fellow of CEI-PEA and Creator of the Charter School Technical Assistance Center, discusses the origins of the charter school movement and how the Network helps independent charter schools



JPS Solutions

JPS Solutions, LLC is a full-service educational consulting firm with offices in New York and Cambridge, MA. JPS Solutions helps schools, charter schools, faith-based organizations and community-based organizations improve the lives of at-risk children and youth. JPS Solutions provides comprehensive consulting and technical assistance to help organizations develop high-performing and self-sustaining educational programs. JPS Solutions has worked with dozens of organizations to create successful charter school applications and establish effective charter school programs. The company has also guided several charter schools successfully through the charter renewal process. JPS Solutions has partnered with CEI-PEA to develop and implement several federal grant-funded initiatives, including three projects supported by more than $25 million in Teacher Incentive Fund grant. For more information visit

Heimes Communications

Heimes Communications is the developer of the Network of Independent Charter Schools' website, web portal and CharterPost online community. The company uses open source Web 2.0 tools to generate low-cost, highly scalable solutions that help organizations educational and nonprofit organizations succeed. For more information visit



Collaborating Organizations

The Finance Project

The Finance Project (TFP) is a specialized non-profit research, consulting, technical assistance, and training firm for public and private sector leaders nationwide. TFP helps leaders make smart investment decisions, develop sound financing strategies, and build solid partnerships that benefit children, families and communities. The Finance Project provides up-to-date information, implementation tools and learning opportunities to support improvements in management systems, financing, governance and curricula for charter schools The Finance Project helps develop content for the Network of Independent Charter Schools website in the areas of charter school management, financing and governance. For more information visit


Jenifer Holland

Describes The Finance Project and its work with charter schools





Eduplanet is a technology and services company committed to transforming Professional Development for school districts. They specialize in Social Learning, which is a blended Professional Development model that combines social networking and e-Learning technologies together to create a more efficient and effective model for 21st Century Learning. The Eduplanet Social Learning Institutes create learning opportunities that build new knowledge to enhance best practices through a rich exchange with educators from around the world. For more information, visit


Jeff Colosimo

Eduplanet CEO describes Eduplanet and how the Social Learning Institute model is transforming professional development




Metro Learning Communities

The Metro Learning Communities project partners with a wide range of organizations to promote professional learning communities, and to design the tools and teach the skills and practices the communities need in order to flourish. Though the implementation of PLCs, Metro Learning Communities helps schools grow strong systems of distributed leadership, and sharpen their capacity for genuine accountability. For more information, visit

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