Social Learning Institute

The Network of Independent Charter Schools Social Learning Institute offers a web-based learning opportunity through social learning software and activities that include Learning Paths, Resource Library, Global Collaboration, Reporting, and other virtual services. This institute helps to continue our mission to help improve the capacity of teachers, administrators and trustees at independent charter schools.

What is a Social Learning Institute?

Social Learning is a blended learning model that combines social networking with e-learning in an environment that is designed to transform traditional professional development. To accomplish this, Eduplanet creates Social Learning Institutes that are web-based, multi-modal learning opportunities that build new knowledge to enhance best practices. Learning is accelerated through a rich exchange with educators from around the world at a fraction of traditional professional development costs.


Current Learning Paths

Charter School Financial Management - This Learning Path helps financial managers with planning and process, creating and using budgets, and financial controls for charter school management.

Teaching to the Common Core - This Learning Path provides content, resources, and collaborative activities to engage users with the Common Core Standards.

Teacher Evaluation: Danielson 101 - This Learning Path provides educators with an understanding of the Danielson Framework and assists with the design and implementation of teacher evaluation systems based upon it.


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Jeff Colosimo

Founder & CEO, EduPlanet describes the Social Learning process and how it can help your charter school.

Jeff Colosimo

Founder & CEO, EduPlanet discusses how Eduplanet Learning Paths work and how they can improve professional development at your charter school.

Rachel Scott

of The Finance Project discusses the Charter School Financial Management Learning Path for the Network Social Learning Institute.



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